Amsterdam Futsal Tournament

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Aim: To empower and improve the integration of young Somali Diaspora in Europe through sports,dialogue and network building
  • Created an international network of Somali youth in Europe;
  • Organised 16 successful tournaments;
  • Over 3000 young Somali Diaspora have participated;
  • Successfully incorporated an all-women sporting activity in 2012.
Partners: Nike, Somali Diaspora


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HIRDA wants to convey the importance and value of sports to young Somali Diaspora in and around the Netherlands. HIRDA believes that sports is a powerful tool in preventing youngsters from becoming socially isolated and decreasing the stigma concerning immigrant youth with troubling behaviour. Sport provides adolescents a positive outlet to let go of frustrations and harmful influences, thus preventing nuisance in their surroundings.

Each year HIRDA organises the Amsterdam Futsal Tournament (AFT) and the HIRDA Summer Tournament; two football tournaments in Amsterdam involving different teams from Europe. The participants of AFT are stimulated to be frontrunners on the field as well as in their private lives, so they can involve and inspire other young boys and girls in their immediate surroundings. The AFT also functions as a platform for Somali youth in the Netherlands to share their experience and knowledge, and to support each other with issues such as integrating in society.

The target group and reach have been expanded with the tournament in 2012 by hosting an all-women basketball competition. In this way, HIRDA empowers young Somali Diaspora in Europe.

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